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Updated: May 11, 2018
Here are the feedbacks I have received for my reborn dolls traveling to the foreign countries.
Other feedbacks are only in the original Czech version.
Sweet baby! Disappointed with box opening but doll more than makes up for it!
 *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* 
Many thanks for this lovely baby.
 *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* 
Beautiful reborn, A++++++
 *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* 
Hi, here's Phoenix' first day in Rome.

This baby is GORGEOUS, worth every penny. You did a great job. He's a cutie. Nice belly and look at that hair!
I LOVE him and you too! Thank you very much!
Cheerful sweet looking baby, just as pictured. Top reborn artist! THANKS!!

 *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* 
She is beautiful and I love her. Thank you!!
My 3rd baby here. Excellent deal! 5 star all the way! Thanks!!

✿ *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* ✿
Here is a picture of my little Ducky (Martinka) and Cricket (Amalka). Thank you so much. I am so pleased.
A lot of my friends are enjoying your work. Thank you again, I love them.
 *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* 
Kubik and Dominik:
They are beautiful. I'm very excited to get not one but two of your babies! Thank you!
Excellent deal! 5 star all the way! Thanks!!

 *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* 

So pleased. So well done, she's beautiful. Thank you so much.

 *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* 
I got her on Friday, everything is just fine. I just have a few pictures of her. She is very lovely done. :-D
Very good painting and Nice baby.

 *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* 
He is beautiful! I really love him️.  ❤️  Thank you for all your hard work.
Such a happy little boy. He is the apple of mommy's eye.  ❤️

My reborn is so adorable. The artist is amazing! I recommend to everyone!

 *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* 
Beautiful baby. Sweet and friendly communication.

 *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* 
Velmi roztomily. 
Jeji jmeno je Emily.
Emily and I are going to see Mum today.
Emily makes me smile every time I look at her.
I know Mum is going to love her happy face. :-)
I am with Mum right now and everybody loves Emily.
Everyone is stopping to look at her, even Men haha!!
They can't get over how real she looks.
She is soooo cute. :-)
You did a great job on her hair. I love that it has some length.
Nikol, I forgot to thank you for the flower and little pants you sent with her.
I absolutely love the jacket, it's gorgeous and the flower looks lovely in the bassinette.
Cau cau

 *`*   *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨*   *`* 
Sooooo cute.
The clothes are gorgeous, thank you so much. :-)
He's so lovely to hold, he's watching TV with me haha!!
We are so lucky he arrived safely. He is precious.
Every time I look over at the pram it's like I have a real baby in it.
I swear he is breathing haha!!
You have weighted him beautifully and he is a joy to hold.
His hair is amazing.
Everybody at the Aged Care Home thought he was real before they had a closer look at him.
Mum loves Alex too.
Dekuji mnohokrat.

✿ *゚`* ღ ✿ *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨* ✿ ღ *゚`* ✿
Adorable reborn.

✿ *゚`* ღ ✿ *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨* ✿ ღ *゚`* ✿

SHE HAS ARRIVED!! Safe and sound!!

Nikol, she is adorable.

OMG she is so tiny and so sad looking that you just want to hold her all the time (which I do haha!)

I'm taking her to meet Mum this afternoon.

All good haha!!

✿ *゚`* ღ ✿ *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨* ✿ ღ *゚`* ✿

Simon arrived safely and everyone who sees him absolutely loves him.
His eyes are amazing and so is his hair.  
I love his outfit and his dummy.

He is gorgeous and he has come to a loving home.

Thanks Nikol, I am very happy.

You did an amazing job. Those eyes look right through me haha!!

Take care and all the best.

✿ *゚`* ღ ✿ *¨¨* :•.♥.•: *¨¨* ✿ ღ *゚`* ✿
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